About Brandon Willey

Brandon Willey is a leading business professional committed to creatively improving the human experience in the worlds of business and technology. He brings considerable startup experience in both marketing and business leadership as well as a core desire for rapid development and innovation. To quote Alan Kay, Brandon adheres to the belief that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” As a result of this world view, and with an eye for change, for constant improvement of the world around him, he founded his first company in 2006 to begin making this passion a reality.

In 2007, Brandon continued his ventures with the founding of a Tempe, Arizona-based web, software, and mobile development company that took a unique approach to the industry. During his time as CEO he fostered a passion for building a network of strong relationships around him, and always finding unique ways to get everyone together, Brandon created Agency Throwdown, the self-described “Olympics of Arizona interactive agencies.”

Then, in 2009, Brandon expanded upon these relationship-building paradigms to new levels with the creation and launch of Vyllij in 2009, a company with the desire to help networking organizations enhance the relationships within their local network through the development of user-friendly social CRM web-based software and online networking curriculum.

In early 2011 he successfully oversaw the sale and merger of his web development company, allowing him to move to the San Francisco Bay Area in order to join Reputation.com where he serves as the Director of Personal & SMB Development, generating annual revenues in excess of $25 million. Brandon currently resides in Pleasanton, CA with his wife, Andrea, and son and daughter, Colin and Sydney. You can connect with him at LinkedIn.com.